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Zoe Villegas was born and raised in Detroit. Her family has lived in the city for several generations. She has always maintained a sense of who she is and where she comes from, a Latina from Southwest Detroit raised by a strong mother who is also an activist for the city. Intelligent and driven, Zoe is a writer and works in the art of Divination. She received her first tarot deck at age 11 and she forms part of GeminEye Tarot alongside her twin sister. They work throughout the city, offering tarot readings and other forms of divination. Her style is a confrontation on feminism, looking to create a conversation on what it is to be a woman in American society. Her musical knowledge rivals no other, ranging from a deep love of Motown music, an affinity to Selena and Buena Vista Social Club, to a sweet spot for the man who inspired her as a child, David Bowie.

One can admire the way that Zoe has been able to navigate her way through the changes this city and its residents have faced. Through the chaos, environmental injustices in Detroit, gentrification, and political corruption, she wouldn’t change her experiences or living in the city. Zoe can’t imagine living anywhere else.